Saturday, October 15, 2011

LU Homecoming

Jon & I headed off to the Homecoming game this afternoon. As we were coming up the bypass.....just before you get to the mall, I saw this blue car come onto the highway & I said to Jon that it looked like Chris' car. He said yeah, but thought it was a newer model. Then I commented on how weird it was that there were sunglasses hanging from the rear view mirror like Chris hangs his & there was a sticker in the back window too. So, Jon tells me to speed up a tad & get closer. And sure enough, it WAS Chris. He had left NC early enough that he figured he'd meet up with us & go to the game. What a coincidence.

That's Chris there in the black shirt a few rows down & Jon's beside him in the RED. LOL
The band playing at half time. Phantom of the Opera!
The Joker

 Some LU media guy asked this couple behind us if they were Alumni because he was looking for folks to interview. They weren't......& when Jon heard this (he was sitting on the end) he told the guy that we were Alumni & since Chris was closer than me, he asked if he could do a short little interview & ask him some questions. So I snapped a few pics of the guy interviewing Chris. How cool is that?!

It was a really fun afternoon. LU won, beating Coastal 63-21! Ashley left right after halftime so she could go eat & whatnot...she & her roomie were going to ScareMare tonight. I left a little after she did so I could get on home & get supper fixed. Jon & Chris ended up staying for the whole thing & even watched the fireworks afterwards. So glad for fun family times like these!!

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AshleyMarieCates said...

It isn't too difficult to spot Christopher in a crowd...just look for the black shirt LOL ;) so cute! And how cool is it that he was interviewed! My boyfriend is famous now hehe ;)