Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Meet the Duggars!

Today was the most amazing day!! It started out last night. Ashley called all excited to tell me that the Duggars were going to be in convo at LU today. I was totally like drop everything & go tell Maw, Sarah & Ella. In a matter of minutes we had all planned to meet up & go to convo.

Cori, Alli & Anna
Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar
Had to snap pics from the big screens. My little camera wouldn't take from that far away. As you can see, the big screen pics aren't even that good. The bottom picture was the girls getting ready to play their violins. They had their five oldest girls with them.
Entertaining themselves while waiting in line to meet/talk to the Duggars.
We waited in line for TWO & A HALF hours, but it was SO worth it!!
Joy & Jill

They are absolutely the most amazing family! Just as sweet & genuine in real life as they appear on their TV show.


AshleyMarieCates said...

so...forgive me for asking but.....who are the Duggars? LOL

Amy said...

They have the reality show on TLC....'19 Kids & Counting'