Saturday, October 08, 2011

Journal Spilling

Couldn't wait to share. I'm SO excited. I had seen this book on Sandee's blog & had also thumbed through it at AC Moore. I really liked it, but it was $22.99! Just a tad more than I wanted to spend on a book.....even if I had used a half off coupon. So I decided to look for it on ''. Now that's more my speed. I was thrilled to find it for $2.87.....even with the shipping it was just a tad over $6!!

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Sandee said...

Oh sure, NOW you tell me about this website! What a bargain! I have really enjoyed it so far.

I'm having fun playing with all sorts of medium and learning how to just toss things in the air and glue them down where they land.. that is unless they land on my floor or furniture! Enjoy!