Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feeling Fallish

It rained here yesterday & was so foggy & Ashley always liked to say about this time of was certainly 'Bleak & Ominous'. Today the rain has stopped, the sun is out & it's a gorgeous day......just terribly windy & much cooler than it has been. I do believe we will be cranking up the wood stove for the first time this fall tonight or tomorrow night for sure! Tonight is Scaremare for us. I'm taking my kids & we're meeting up with Danielle, her kids & Chris' old room-mate, Damian is meeting us too. Should be lots of fun!!

Chris & Damian have worked in Scaremare for the past three years when they were in college......this year Ashley's room-mate is working it & we get to see if we can spot her along the way.
And.....just a little bit of scrappiness
My Alli-Cat when she was just 10 months old.......'My Brown-Eyed Girl'
Rocky longs to be 'Close to You'. He loves sitting in ANYONE'S lap these days....especially if they're sitting at the table working.

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