Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

First of all I'm happy to announce that Chris got a job out here at 'our' Food Lion.....only about a 6 mile drive so his gas tank is VERY happy about that. He will start on Monday. Thanks to everyone who has been praying!!


Today we had our Homeschool Halloween party at Maw's house. Was really sad that Sarah & kids missed out on the fun. They were headed back from NC & had van trouble. Praying it will be a simple fix for them. We had some new friends from church join us this time around. We were thrilled to have Sharon & her 4 kids with us today.

My treat bags that I fixed for the kids.
Cori & Alli in their Goth garb.....TRYING to be serious..................
.................LOL......they just couldn't stop giggling!
Alli & Cori back in Maw's bedroom having a jam session.
Was just sitting here thinking...........I used to take pics of them back there playing with it's guitars & boy talk. When did our little girls grow up??

We had such a nice day! The weather has been just near perfect these past few days!! There was a chance of rain today, but God blessed us with a lovely fall day in the lower 70s. Now tomorrow it's supposed to take a turn for the colder.....& be in the upper 40s/lower 50s the next several days.

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AshleyMarieCates said...

OMG!!! Alli and Cori look absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!