Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Fuzzy-Feel-Good Stories!

I've had a busy couple of days. First of all though, I must share some critter cuteness.....
I thought this was so funny.....Rocky usually chases Gibbs & she tries her best to hide from him, but I walked into the living room yesterday afternoon & found them sleeping on the SAME couch! Granted they were at opposite ends, but still......very picture-worthy, I thought.
Mr. Cuteness peeking at me.
After taking pictures of my cute critters I had to hustle & get ready to go meet Ashley. We were going to grab some supper at Subway before going to see 'Oklahoma' at the LU theater. About the time I came off the by-pass heading to the college, it started POURING on me. Thankfully, it had stopped by the time I got to her dorm. As we were walking back to the van.......this is the sight we saw.............
It was the most beautiful rainbow. And someone pointed out later in another photo that there was actually a double rainbow. The second one was just above this & much fainter.  After a quick bite of supper, we made our way over to the theater to see none other than Rodgers & Hammerstein's......

They did an amazing job, as usual! I've still got some of these songs running through my head two days later. * O, What a Beautiful Morning *  The Surrey with the Fringe on Top * People Will Say We're in Love * Oklahoma *
As alot of you know, this weekend is LU's Homecoming weekend. 40 amazing years! When I got home from the play the other night I was going through the mail for the day & there was a Homecoming packet in there addressed to me. I was just half-heartedly flipping through the stuff before I tossed it....& boy was I glad I did. In the packet were vouchers for FREE tickets to any athletic event!! We had been debating over whether or not to go to the Homecoming game (Clay is working & Ashley had some homework to do & wasn't sure if she'd go or not) but this made the decision for us. FREE TICKETS! Why, of course we are going now! Supposed to be a beautiful fall afternoon with temps in the lower 70s! Go Flames!


I had another 'Fuzzy-Feel-Good' moment yesterday too. It seems to me that's it's always the seemingly 'little' things that can really bless your day. After picking up my FREE football tickets I headed up to the Alumni center set up for the weekend in the Barnes & Noble bookstore to check about getting Scare Mare tickets for this coming week. It's kind of a long story....with a couple of misunderstandings/miscommunications that come when emailing instead of talking person to person....I had been trying to find out if I could get a discount for our small Homeschool group. But anyway, I went under the impression that I could get an alumni discount on my scare mare tickets (because I have an alumni card that gives me discounts to various things). I bought tickets for me & my kids for $5 (instead of the regular $8 price) & as I was leaving, I noticed the dates on the tickets were ONLY for this weekend. Oh great! But after much explaining & one VERY NICE, SUPER SWEET girl in charge who made a couple of phone calls on my behalf.........I was able to keep the tickets I had just purchased at the discount price & use them next weekend when we go. I was SO thankful & SO very blessed by this girl's kindness & how she went the extra mile so-to-speak to work things out in my behalf! Such an amazing testimony of God's love to others & what a blessing in my day!

How about just one more 'Fuzzy-Feel-Good' story? Ashley was sharing with me Thursday night how somewhere along the way in a conversation, her room-mate,Emily had told Ashley & Taheshah how glad she was to have them as roomies this year. Seems she had a few rough years with some room-mate problems before & had been praying for better roomies. My jaw just dropped when she told me this because I was telling Ashley how hard I had prayed ahead of time for her to get good room-mates....just the right ones that God had picked out for they would compliment & bless one another. I prayed that she would have awesome roomies that would become close friends just like Chris, Matt & Damian. Ashley said she had also been praying back in the summer for just the right room-mates. It so amazing when things like this come to light & you can see how so many different ones had been praying & how God worked all these things together for good just like He promises to do!


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