Thursday, August 23, 2007

Almost done....

With the first week of school. Chris seems to be doing well & enjoying his classes so far. Of course, he hasn't really gotten into the nitty-gritty of stuff yet either.....just basically math we shall see. Clay & the boys took him today...he only has one class...& the boys have been BEGGING for a 'manly' shopping day...meaning they want to go to Game Stop & trade in some of their video games & possibly get something new. So, it's kinda quiet here right now with just me & the girls. We will head to the library after lunch when they guys get back. Funny story from of our 'UNschooling' moments.....There's been this huge old turtle down at the pond eating up all the minnows & Skippy & everyone else has been trying to get rid of it. Anyways, Jon finally shot the sucker yesterday evening...he was so proud! Had to take it over to show Uncle Skippy that he had gotten rid of the scoundral for him. Then he decides that he needs to keep the shell as his 'trophy' outside at 8pm last night Jon goes with his hunting knife that Uncle Skippy had given him to cut the shell off this critter. I asked Clay if he wasn't going to help him....& he said Jon hadn't ASKED for his help yet, so he was just going to leave him & Michael alone. What a great Bio lab they had.....finding the liver & kidneys & the heart.....Michael even came to the kitchen window to show us the wind pipe that they had found. Jon also said it had some eggs, so he guessed his turtle was a SHE. Oh the learning these boys do!! I love it! I managed to squeeze in a little scrapping yesterday....dug up some OLD photos that were taken at the Peaks of Otter....went for a picnic lunch there with my old HS friend Julies Nash & her kids....Nan & Hunter. To think that Chris & Nan are both in college now.....YIKES!

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Jo said...

Sounds like Chris is off to a good start!

Love those learning opportunities!