Friday, August 17, 2007

Fabulous Friday

The girls & I had a really nice day today. Our first stop was Logan's Roadhouse for lunch. I had a coupon that Maw had given me & Ashley & I both love their burgers & Alli loves the Logan's it was. After that we took our time shopping around & just enjoying looking more than we normally do...wasn't in a rush or anything today. We checked out Target & Michael' some new scrapping paper & a skein of yarn that was on sale. Then we stopped in Barne's & Noble to look at magazines. Ran into Sam's to get milk, chips & some Nabs for Chris' lunches then on back to Walmart for groceries. Got home around 6, I think. Unloaded & put groceries away...fixed frozen pizzas for supper & AShley & I had our leftovers from lunch. Clay had told me he wanted chicken salad for supper, so that was easy. Just got done watching High School Musical 2 a little while ago with the girls. Definitely way more 'Cheesey' than the first one, but Alli loved it! ;-) Clay's gone to bed already & the three older ones are in there watching Smallville now. Think I'm going to head on up & read some before Clay starts snoring! Hoping to enjoy a leisurely weekend starting tomorrow....nothing major planned & I'm REALLY hoping to find my MOJO & get caught up on all these scrapping challenges.

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