Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guess What Clay brought home last night.....

A Bunny Rabbit!! The kids were soooooo excited! A girl at work had gotten him for her kids, but they were scared of it & so she was asking around to see if anyone wanted a bunny. Clay hopped on the chance because he knew the girls had been wanting one. She GAVE us the bunny, cage, bedding & some other little goodies!! He's about 3 months old, white with pink eyes & grayish/tan cute! Haven't agreed on a name just yet....some thought his name should be KITTY....since we have a cat named BUNNY, we should also have a bunny named KITTY! LOL

Well, yesterday was a busy day to say the least! Had to get ALL 5 kiddos up & out the door by 8am, so we could drop Chris off for class at 9. We then ran back to Walmart to do groceries.....just a few to tide us over the weekend. Would LOVE to do my shopping early in the morning like that all the time. It was so nice.....NO one hardly there & we were done by 10am. Spent the rest of the time just messing around.....going to places & browsing like we normally don't have time to do. Hit PetSmart & PAW......Ashley would've brought home ALL the kitties we saw, if she could. She just LOVES them all & can't stand to see them all caged up. Michael decided that he NEEDS a guinnea pig & Jon NEEDS a rat.....yeah, right. And they said if that doesn't sit well with me then they would just settle for a snake & a lizzard!! HA!HA!HA! They are soooo funny! NOT!! Anyways, all that was put off for a while when Clay came home with the new pet bunny last night. A bunny, I can deal with. We grabbed a bite of lunch at Taco Bell....Alli had to have Wendys & then we did Target & Michael's before having to pick Chris up at 1:50. Stopped by Walmart again on the way home & picked up Walmart chicken for our supper.....something easy & kind of a 'treat'......threw in some fries & fixed a pot of ronis & that was supper. Just enjoyed the rest of the evening chilling out not doing anything in particular. So looking forward to the weekend & not having to GO anywhere or DO anything......except church tomorrow. Plan on doing the most minimal amount of chores as possible.....meaning laundry.......and hoping to scrap a few LOs & also make some card sets to sell at the reunion in a few weeks. Also would love to finish up the afghan I'm making for Alli for Christmas. Just about done putting the strips together & then all I have to do is the border. I have high hopes of making on for Anna & Daniel too for Christmas.......we shall see.

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