Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Up & at 'em....

Got up about 7:30 this morning, came downstairs & started a pot of coffee, went back up & hopped in the shower. This is Chris' later day...he doesn't have a class til 11am this morning. The girls & I are taking him today & then we are all going over to Maw's house for pizza lunch & a visit with Sarah & the kiddos. They've been in NC for 2 weeks visiting David's parents so it will be nice to visit with them today. The kids are excited about getting to see/play with their cousins!

After my shower, I started a load of laundry, made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast & now here we are.....the kiddos are all up doing chores & what-not. Alli is dressed & ready to go, Michael just brought Tweety down & fed him, Jon will feed the all the outdoor critters here in a bit....a chore that got passed down to him this fall since Chris started classes. I NEED to get my butt up from here & get the kitchen cleaned & straightened up & then run throw my clothes on & we'll be ready to hit the road. Not sure what the boys have planned for today.....I'm sure they'll find some 'Manly' stuff to keep them busy. Then tonight we are having Slim Jims for supper...since we won't get home til kinda late....had to choose something quick & easy. Chris gets out of lab at 4:30 & then we will run by the library, so it will be suppertime before we get home this evening.

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