Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Blech....these past couple of days have just been miserably HOT! Right at 100 with a heat index of even higher! Yesterday afternoon was spent with NO water to the house. We had a leak on the back porch & Clay had to work on it.......of course they ran into a snag about suppertime & had to make a run to Lowes for more parts. Didn't get it all fixed & water back on til 11pm last night. Had to hustle the two younger ones thru their showers & get them in bed, then I had to clean up the kitchen. A day's worth of dirty dishes in the sink & the floor was a mess from walking outside, thru the wet mess on the back porch on into the house. We were both pooped by the end of the day. Didn't do much of anything today except laundry. Just too hot to even be in the mood to creative energy whatsoever. I spent most of the day just reading trying to stay cool.....or should I say not quite so hot. I certainly haven't been cool. I told Clay this evening while I was fixing supper that Memaw surely was a strong do all she did in that kitchen.....all the cooking/canning on a wood stove when it was HOT like this. I know I have no room at all to complain!! PTL for the AC upstairs in the bedrooms!!

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