Friday, August 03, 2007


What a way to wake up this morning!! Clay bolted straight out of bed about 6:48am saying his alarm hadn't gone off. So, of course I got up too, to help him get ready in a hurry. I fixed his lunch & gathered up all the extra tomatoes that he was going to give to friends at work & put them all in the cooler for him & sent him on his way by 7am. Hope he makes it on time & more importantly, hope he's careful! Now, the icing on the cream for my coffee this morning! I refused to buy any the other day at Food Lion because it was so expensive & now we're out. I really HATE using skim milk in my coffee...just NOT the same. Oh least there's a Pepsi in the frige if I can't stand the coffee & I'm getting groceries tonight after I drop the kids off at church for their all night thingy. Off to enjoy the morning peace & quiet while everyone else is still sleeping!

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