Friday, August 03, 2007

I am so tired right now, but figured I'd fill in the rest of my day before heading upstairs to read. First off, I did manage to scrap some today....did this LO of Granny & Papaw for a challenge at LM to write directly on your photo. I'd been putting this challenge off for almost a month now & I ran across this pic the other day & thought it would be perfect to write in that upper left corner that was blank. So, off I went in search of the perfect poem.....found this one on Two Peas & thought it was really cute. It looks better IRL although it's NOT a technique I'd use very often. The poem reads: Yes, grandparents, they sure named them right. 'Cause grandparents are a grand delight. And they always love you, If you're good or bad. Like you're the best grandkid they ever had! Anyways....dropped Chris & Ashley off at church for their All-Nighter about 5pm & then headed on in to town to grab a bite to eat & then grocery shop. Remembered that Clay had taken my cooler with him to work (& I REALLY needed a cooler to keep my milk in since I buy that at Sam's & then go on to Walmart to do my other shopping) so, we ran by Maw's house to borrow hers. Grabbed a bite to eat at Taco Bell & Chickfila then hit Sam's & Walmart & FINALLY got home around 10pm. you know why I'm pooped!!! Off to bed since I have to be up & at 'em in the morning pretty early......gotta leave here by about 8:25 to go pick them up. Hope they can get a nap in tomorrow sometime....staying up all night is definitely NOT my thing. I'll go read here & be asleep in no time.

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