Thursday, August 16, 2007

School Shopping

Well, my day did a turn around this morning when Clay got up. I thought he & Chris were going shopping today.....Chris needed a new backpack & maybe some jeans,Ts, etc. But he informed me that I was so much better at shopping for clothes than he was, so Ashley & I ended up going with Chris. We actually got everything he needed all at ONE place...Steve & Barry's. I had heard about it, but never actually been there before. He got two pairs of cargo jean shorts, two camp style shirts, a white T & a back pack all for a smidge over $40! I was tickled!! Got home & we grilled some Italian chicken for supper along with some mashed potatoes, ronis, salad & corn bread. Then after supper, Alli & I washed the van. Now, I need to get myself up from here & finish up my grocery list for tomorrow. Then I think I'll go upstairs & read.....where it's COOL!

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