Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here's a picture...

of our newest family member. Jon was 'baby-sitting' while Alli cleaned his cage this afternoon. He still has no name.....just haven't quite found THE name yet. Lots of folks tossing out ideas to us, so if you have a great idea for our bunny's name please leave a comment here & share it with me!

Nothing big happening here this morning & then home to 'hang out' for the afternoon. After a lunch of left-overs & what-not, the kids went off to play & I finished reading my book...'The Cross Country Quilters'. And then I just HAD to start on the next one....'The Runaway Quilt'.....sounds really interesting. Supposed to be about how quilts were used kind of like road maps to help mark the way for runaway slaves traveling the underground railroad...hung out to mark safe houses for the slaves.

Been piddling around with a LO this of Michael with my old sunglasses on (with no lenses) trying to look 'smart'. It's going to be titled 'I'm Serious' because that was Michael's favorite catch-phrase there for a while. He went around saying that ALL the time. Crazy kid!

Sitting here listening to The them!! ....singing 'Only God Knows'.....only God knows when your heart's been broken, only God knows all the times you've cried. 'Angels Dance'...Angels dance, run & leap, pirouette down golden streets, lonely hearts find romance, oh heaven sighs & angels dance.

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