Thursday, January 30, 2014

Afternoon Walk

Well, before the afternoon walk....let me just share a quick update with y'all on my Daisy Blanket. I'm using the join-as-you-go method, so things are coming along quite nicely.
I've been really inspired the past two days get outside & enjoy the fresh air. I was reading Jaquie's blog BUNNY MUMMY & she always has the most beautiful pictures that she takes while out & about. So....I bundled up & grabbed my phone to snap a few pictures this afternoon.
The sky was such a beautiful blue.
I know that they are pretty much always the same old pictures, but I tell ya.....I never get tired of this view!


Counting my Blessings:

Clay & Michael have been getting lots of firewood cut * Lots of birthday celebrations * potato chips & cream cheese * Clay brought me a Dr. Pepper * kero heaters on these really cold days * Angus Beef hot dogs on sale-- $2.44/16 * a new address book * Chocolate Cheerios * watching Ferris Bueller with my kiddos * home made apple muffins * BD supper out with my hubby * Having Ashley & Brendan take us on a tour of the new Jerry Falwell library * snow * letters written & mailed * reading some of Ashley's short stories *