Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art Journal Pages

FINALLY.....after much grumbling & fussing/cussing with my computer.....I found a way to upload some pictures of my art journal pages. I love looking at all the mixed media type of art journals & they are fun to play with from time to time....but I have found my nitch, I think.....for my everyday journaling/creativity. I love to use markers & sometimes some colored pencils. Oh & I've pulled out my folder of stencils.....I'm loving those! Basically the journaling is a simple review of my day/my gratitudes/special scriptures or quotes that speak to me.
Here you can see that I've ripped some of the pages.....I just like the variety & texture that it gives. I also used some snowflake stamps here.....& I saved my postage stamps from Christmas cards that I got.
A little close-up of the torn page.
Here's an example of using my stencils.....for the star, swirlies & the funky lettering.
This was copied from something I found on Pinterest. You can find tons of inspiration there.
I used one of those tiny little calendar pages to mark the date, stencil letters for the word 'peace' & the 'ho, ho, ho' border across the bottom was stamped....just some of those cute little stamps that you can pick up at Michael's for $1.
Lots of stencil play here.....the triangle border, letters, sunshine, cloud & rain drops....
I used a home-made stencil & some paint mist for the spotted background. Then the row of little Christmas trees was done with a stencil. I got the inspiration for the little colorful trees from a pair of my Christmas socks of all places. Inspiration can be found just have to look. ;-)
More Christmas stamps & a little coin envelope attached to hold the note someone left on our van & the receipt from our dinner out that night. Just a fun way to keep little bits of ephemera from our everyday lives.
More stencil play, yet again! I traced a tag off of someone's clothes to make my NYE banner in the corner.
Just a totally random, fun page. I heard Toby Mac singing 'Speak Life'.....

'Some days, life feels perfect.
Other days it just ain't workin.
The good, the bad, the right, the wrong
And everything in between.

Though it's crazy, amazing
We can turn a heart with the words we say.
Mountains crumble with every syllable.
Hope can live or die

So speak Life, speak Life.
To the deadest darkest night.
Speak life, speak Life.
When the sun won't shine and you don't know why.
Look into the eyes of the brokenhearted;
Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope,
You speak love, you'

Stencils, stamped bird cage & date, spray mist, washi tape & a cool tag that I wanted to keep.
Just a close-up to show how I save the tags off my tea bags & use them as page tabs. Just a fun little addition.
A doodled page that was inspired from Pinterest.
Just showing you the beginnings of a few pages. I sat down & played with some of my stencils....making some borders, etc.
I just LOVE how the pages look....full of color & texture. Gotta love a good journal!

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Fatcat said...

I love them too. Tearing off part of the pages, doing the lettering through the shapes ... so creative. :-)