Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Times!

My birthday was this past Thursday & since Clay had to work, we had decided that Sunday evening would be when we went out to celebrate. So, off we went last night to go eat supper at Texas Roadhouse. While we were there eating, Clay texted Ashley to tell her we had her tripod that she needed & we would drop it off after supper. Come to find out she & Brendan were at La Carreta eating & so they decided they would just walk up the road & meet us at Texas Roadhouse. It was really funny....becasue the way we were sitting, I saw them come in, but Clay didn't & so he was surprised when Brendan came up & just sat right down beside him. To make it even funnier, was the fact that we were sitting in these tiny little two-people-only booths & it just tickled me seeing Brendan sitting there with his arm around Clay. They were good sports & let Ashley take their picture.  After supper & a quick run by Starbucks we took them back up on campus & they decided that they really needed to take us on a tour of the newly-opened Jerry Falwell Library.
Checking out the cool interactive video wall.
It was so nice having them there to show us around. It really is a beautiful new facility. Such a fun, unexpected evening & it really meant alot to me that the kids were willing to hang out with us 'Old Folks'.....nothing like double-dating with your kids. Good Times!

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