Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Birthday Celebrating!

This past Friday, we began the birthday celebrating with lunch at Cracker Barrel with Ella, Cori & Taylor. I wish I had a picture handy of these two way back when....they've been Best Friends since they were 3 & 4 years old! What a blessing friends are!!
Saturday was Alli's actual birthday & it was spent celebrating here at home. We had our taditional Birthday cinnamon buns & coffee for breakfast. Then Alli opened presents. Here, she is modeling her new slouchie hat that I crocheted for her.
This is one of the 'selfies' that she & Rocky took.
Coffee in her awesome mug that Ella & family had made for her.....with pictures from their Taylor Swift concert all over it.
Jon & Naomi came up to join the evening celebration. We had home-made pizzas for supper & then cake & ice cream for dessert. Don't you just love Alli's moustache cake?! So easy to do.
Oh Jon......

Sunday, Alli went home from church with Cori to spend the night. Then we met for lunch at McDonald's on Monday & headed on over to Maw's house for more partying. As you can tell, in our family we drag the celebrating out for several days!

When we got to Maw's on Monday, we saw all these work gloves laid out on the table & Maw told us she had a party game planned. It was called Haul the firewood to the basement. LOL! Whoever carried at least 4 pieces of wood to the basement for her was rewarded with some punch. Pretty clever, if you ask me. ;-)

It was such a nice day the 50s. Anna & Taylor enjoyed the warm sunshine by having a picnic in the back yard. January! Hard to believe that it was cold enough the very next day to SNOW.
We did cupcakes for the party instead of cake. And I MUST take a moment to explain about our candles. We were celebrating 3 BDs....Anna (12), Alli (15) & me....gasp (49).....There are two '30s' on that candle + a '9' + 7 that's a total of 76....all our ages added together!
Opening gifts....look at that action!
Love how I caught Sarah peeking into the picture.
Love the expressions on their faces! Sarah was hemming Ella's new dress pants. There's just no telling what we might end up doing at one of our parties. Good times, I tell ya!
I was loading stuff in the van....getting ready to leave.....but the girls were having a little mini concert on the front steps. They were playing their ukuleles & singing.....Taylor Swift, of course.
This was the beginnings of our snow on Tuesday evening.
Yesterday, when Chris came home from work, he brought me these pretty flowers for my birthday. They are so cheery looking sitting on my kitchen table!
And Alli stayed up way too late last night....after I went to bed...baking me this yummy Red Velvet cake. She made it totally from scratch.....cake AND frosting both. I am so proud of her. And so very blessed too. Better scoot......folks are waiting to cut into this & have a little taste.