Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Moved In

Wow....lots happening around here the past few days! Saturday was Chris' last day of work at Frito Lay & he went out with a bang......pulling a 12 hour shift! He was super tired, but the paycheck will be nice.

Sunday was church & then more or less a restful afternoon.

Clay was at work all day Monday & the rest of us just spent the day piddling around here....doing laundry & such & kind of getting Chris' things together for school. Fixed fried chicken for supper that night........I wanted to cook Chris' favorite meal & have a special 'Back-to-school' supper & since we were planning on going to King's Dominion on Tues. our special supper had to be Monday night.

Up bright & early Tues. morning & off to King's Dominion. I think I'm just getting too old to care for the theme parks anymore. I told Maw I felt like Mema just going from bench to bench........I was perfectly happy sitting on a shaded bench & sipping my COLD drink. Now, don't get me wrong......I did my share of rides with the kids. They drug me on the Rebel Yell first thing. I tell ya.....I HATE wooden roller coasters!!! I even did the big new coaster......the Dominator. I actually loved that one! I think that & Flight of Fear were my two favorites. Over all we had a really nice day.....not too crowded at all which was nice. We just didn't get home til midnight last night. Boy, was I pooped!

We didn't rush to get up this morning....I just left everyone alone & let them sleep as long as they wanted.....Chris had until 10pm tonight to get checked-in at Liberty. I fixed our 'Special occassion' breakfast this morning........cinnamon buns. And the kids pointed out how I had mistreated them so by NOT fixing coffee to go with the cinnamon buns. How silly of me.......don't know why that slipped my mind. Oh well.....they'll live. :-P We took Chris up to LU late this afternoon & got him all moved in. Of course he still has to unpack & get settled, but he's there now. Met his room-mates & one mom.....they all seem real nice. One is from Maryland & the other from Farmville, VA. Also met his RA & found out that he was homeschooled all the way through too.....him & all 5 of his brothers & sisters! So, he was tickled to find out that he & Chris had that in common. We made a QUICK run to Walmart for a case for his laptop & to pick up a small microwave for their room. One of the other guys brought a TV & a small frige, so I think they are set. We hurried him back up on campus because his dorm & their 'sister' dorm were all going to supper together & then back to play volley ball & ultimate frisbee. We wanted him to go ahead with them & get involved & start getting to know everyone. It sure was hard hugging him good-bye & walking back down that hall, but I did it! Thanks for the prayers from everyone.......I know that's the only way I did it! My mantra all day has been 'I can do all things through Christ!!.........I CAN do ALL things through Christ!' Now, I'm sitting here chilling for a bit. Guess it's time to get serious about school for the others now. Will start working on that this coming week.


smile said...

Hope your first day with the boy across the river went well :) Still praying for you and him! I think it's great they had all those activities planned right from the start :) Brent will be here Sunday and his room is still NOT done... oh well, miracles happen!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Poor mom! These changes are so hard for us aren't they?

You did good though!