Thursday, August 14, 2008


The guys are getting real High-tech this fall in their scouting/hunting. They've bought a feeder & a Remington Digital Game Scouting Camera. It really is cool all the critters we've seen so far that they have been feeding. It's motion-activated & we've got pics of a blue jay, squirrel, mama racoon & her 3 babies, a doe, buck & Bernard the Bear. ;-) Bernard is actually a cub.....about a year old, they're guessing. Because last fall when Jon was hunting he saw a mama bear with 3 we figure that Bernard is one of those cubs. He even got so nosey that he knocked the camera sidways on the tripod. One picture was VERY close-up & the next frame the camera was pointing at the ground.Also thought I'd share a couple pictures from King's Dominion the other day. It's hard to get any really good ones at a park like this, but anyway.
Ashley, Jon, Chris & Michael getting ready to go up on the Drop Zone.
Alli & Michael on the swings

Ashley & Jon on the Scrambler


Babydoll said...

Cool pics!

mommysews said...

Love the pic of bernard! And man, I had no idea hunting could be that high tech!