Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday's Visit

Man, it was so good getting to see Chris & visit for a little while yesterday. He looked great & seemed like he's just eased right on into college-life & is enjoying it all! The only little thing is that he is considering dropping one of his classes. He has 6 & from what he can tell there's going to be TONS of required reading & he's just not sure he can keep up with that much. So, just pray for wisdom & that he'll make the right decision...I know he will!

After that, which was the high-light of my day, it was off to run errands & do the grocery shopping. I did catch up with Ella at ACM & we got to shop & visit for a little bit. I made my usual rounds to Target, Old Navy, ACM, Sams & Walmart. Got home & Clay & the boys were playing chef.......frying up their squirrels for supper. The girls & I weren't quite so brave.....we fixed Garden pasta with sketti sauce & french bread. Then after supper we settled down to watch 'The Cheetah Girls- One World' on TV. It was ok, but I think I liked their second movie the best!

Not alot going on today other than I have to run Jon out to the library about 11:30. He's taking the Hunting Safety Class out there today & tomorrow from noon-6pm. He's really excited....been studying & practicing online for a while now & Clay is confident that he'll pass with no problem. After I drop him off, I'm just going to come home & maybe work on some school stuff & scrap. Will have to hang close by (not that that's a problem) in case he finishes up & calls me to come get him earlier.

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