Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jedi Sandwiches

Not sure exactly how we got to talking about this today at lunch, but Ashley & Jon were 'remembering' how they used to make Jedi Sandwiches when they were about 7/8 years old. What is a Jedi Sandwich you may ask....Well, I wrote this down....methinks it has the makings of a scrapbook page. ;-)

Jedi Sandwich:
~One hot dog bun
~Shredded cheese
~Crunched up potatoe chips
~With ketchup on top
These are the required ingredients, but after that, feel free to add to it whatever you'd like! Ha!
School today went a little bit better...Alli still has the 'attitude' that she inherited from Ashley. Somewhere along the way when I wasn't paying attention, Ashley grew up & now gladly accepts her assignments & goes off to her favorite spot to work. And not long after that happened, Alli stepped in & assumed the position of 'School-is-no-fun-&-you-can't-make-me-enjoy-it-no-matter-what!!' I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. Sigh! I guess it's just an age thing because Ashley was just about her age when she did all this. And it's not that she can't do the me, she CAN! She'd just rather mumble & grumble her way through reading than to enjoy it. Let her read over my shoulder while I'm IMing to Danielle & she has NO problem whatsoever. Ashley says the same thing about if they are looking at/reading magazines together. No problem there either. Ashley did remind me that I've said Sarah grew up reading from the 'Singing News' magazine & Chris learned to read reading 'Nintendo Power'. The others haven't had a complaint & even Jon who is having a time getting his brain back in gear hasn't grumbled at all. We're plugging along working through LONG multiplication/division problems along with variables, commutative/associative properties of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.
Along with math these first two weeks, we are working on our Olympic unit. In their spare time the kids have been enjoying all the library books I picked out about the Olympics & such. Below is one of Michael's pockets of time pages that he & Alli are working on. It goes along with reading the Magic Treehouse book 'The Hour of the Oympics'. They take turns reading out loud, a chapter a day & then they cut out the tags which are color coded & they have to put the events of the chapter in order.

This is going to be the cover page for their other Olympic book they are making. Jon & Ashley are doing certain things along with them....just a little more advanced than Alli & Michael. Although today they ALL wanted to do the Olympic word find puzzle I had. Guess you can never be too old for a little fun! ;-)


mommysews said...

Jedi Sandwiches sound interesting, but I am not sure that I would want one. I think I will just stick with pb&j

smile said...

I'll have to share that Jedi sandwich with Matt and Brent! HA! I'm guessing it started with you being out of hotdogs one day... lol :)

Amy said...

Not really, Donna.........just a 7 & 8 yr. old imagination!