Saturday, August 09, 2008

I do believe...............

that Fall is in the air. At least those first subtle hints anyway. Here's what I've noticed............temps in the 80s instead of upper 90s (I know, I know...we still have Sept. to go thru which can be quite warm, but all the same...)*cooler mornings & evenings*back-to-school sales*all the end-of-summer clearance sales*the return of tons of college students to Lynchburg*I heard Clay telling the boys that they needed to start hauling firewood already (got to have that done & out of the way BEFORE hunting season starts!)*the boys have been up in the woods checking on their feeder up there*Yesterday they bought a new camera that they rigged up on a tree near their feeder so they actually see what is coming in to eat. See, nothing major or dramatic, but like I's subtle. Before ya know it, we will have our first fire going & I'll be cooking up a pot of chili, etc. I LOVE it!! Ashley & I have already been talking about & planning our Homeschool Halloween party/Scare Mare/& I even went so far as to buy the cutest set of Halloween stamps yesterday at ACM. Can't wait to make some Halloween cards for all my friends!

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