Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I learned a new word today................Obstreperous.........
1.resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner; unruly.
2.noisy, clamorous, or boisterous: obstreperous children.
I learned it while reading Beverly Lewis' 'The revelation'
'Like it or not, Lizzie had climbed into the carriage as he'd stood right behind her, nudging her inside like an obstreperous heifer.'

Here are a couple of cards that I made this afternoon. This first one was made with some fun 'Love Elsie' papers that Ken sent me.........Thanks Ken!! ;-)

And this adorable little tree card was made using a recent Paper Crafts magazine for the inspiration. I just love how it turned out & can see me using this pattern again. Wouldn't it make some awesome Fall cards?!


Kaye said...

That's a new word for me, too.

Love the cards!!!

Sherri said...

I read that series..somehow I don't remember the word!!