Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just a few layouts.....

Just thought I'd share the few layouts that I've done the past couple of days....This is Michael with his birthday cake....notice how I didn't have two #1s & had to stick a regular candle there alongside the 1 to make 11. Ha!
Pictures taken at Peaksview Park where we had Michael's party. In the top picture we have Summer, Anna, Catherine, Evan, Michael, Daniel, Jon, Dillon, Alli, Cori & Taylor

This pic is about 19 years old.....Wow! Grandpa Bunner has since passed away, so I'm espacially glad to have this picture. Four generations of Bunners...
Grandpa-Howard Clayton bunner
Papaw-Leslie Howard Bunner
Clay-Leslie Clayton Bunner
Chris-Christopher Clayton Bunner

And last but not least....just a quick LO of some Bunny pics that Ashley took!

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mommysews said...

As always, love the LO,but I really love the one of Bunny - He just looks so much like a typical cat there.