Friday, August 08, 2008

Layouts from Yesterday

Here's my Sanji-Baby about a month ago. This was his favorite place to be.....up on the desk behind the keyboard. Now, he's gotten too big to get back behind there. He'll lay in the open window right here beside the desk. Don't know what he's gonna do when it's too chilly to have the window open anymore.Jon & Michael found this big ole turtle at the creek a few months back. He was so big & with spiney edges.....I said he looked like Bowzer.
And last, but not least........the cherry pie I made with the cherries the boys picked over at Mason's house.


mommysews said...

the kitty is too cute.
HUGE turtle What did they do with it?
Cherry pie sounds heavenly. That is the one thing I have not found around here to pick.

FatcatPaulanne said...

That cherry pie looks wonderful!

I made a peach cobbler with some extra peaches this week that turned out pretty good.

Don't we feel like pioneer women?

Speaking of fall being in the air, I'm not really feeling it here yet, but I bought chili fixings at the grocery store anyway, just because it sounded good.