Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Bits of Randomness

To start things off.....Jon had let the goats out to play yesterday afternoon & of course they had been up on the porch & patio....So............I went out behind them to spray the porch/patio down. Now jump ahead to supper......we were having tacos/taco salad. When I opened the can of black beans to wash & drain, I just had to laugh to myself. I put them in a little bowl & when Jon came in, I held the bowl out to him & asked him what it was. Don't you know he said it was a bowl of goat terds! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The water level in our pool has gotten really low & at this point I don't think we are going to try & fill it up anymore. Clay says he's just gonna hook the hose up to it soon & use that to water the garden. Anyway, the boys took a notion last night that they wanted to go out & play in the pool before Clay drained it. And they wanted to do it at night when it was getting dark so they could use the colorful pool lights. I decided to try & get a couple of pictures, but of course it didn't look as cool in the pictures as it did in real life. The lights really looked awesome in the pool, but they just didn't show up all that well in the picture.

See, another sign that Fall is on it's way. The guys went up on the mountain this afternoon & came home with these honkin' logs. Jon was wanting to split them & earn some money, but Clay told him he'd have to do it since they were so big. Don't you know that after he got out of the pool this evening Jon went out & swung til he split one of these suckers! He said that was it....that was all could do right then, but he was satisfied that he did it! It was something just sitting here at the window watching him.....such strength & determination.

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mommysews said...

Great pool pics! I love your fall countdown too. I am really enjoying your blog.