Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

I intended to start school yesterday, but we had a last minute turn of events (this is why I love homeschooling...we can go with the flow!) Chris had asked if we could bring him his TV....his room-mate had come with one, but little brother had broken a prong off or something & so they couldn't make it work. We had also been needing to go by Maw's & get her old microwave....ours was on it's last leg & Maw got a new one when she did the remodel, so we were going to inherit her old one. So......yesterday was the day to do it all. Loaded everyone up after lunch & headed to LU to deliver Chris' TV. The boys were tickled to get to see his dorm room & meet one of his room mates. Then we ran by the Christian bookstore while we were up that way. Maw had told me they had used text books for sale, so I wanted to check that out before I bought anything online. I was really tickled to find the Saxon 8/7 math text AND answer book for $21!! I still need to order the LOF fractions book for Michael.....but hey, that's LESS than $50 for school books for the year! I have most everything else I need here already. After the book store, we headed to maw's house. Sarah & the kids were there so we ended up staying til almost supper time. The kids had a blast playing together & we had a really nice visit. Sometimes these unplanned get-togethers are the best!So today was the day......The First Day of School. Not that we really did a whole lot.....I'm really going light until about the second week in Sept.....AFTER Vada & Johnny's visit, Bruce & Lauren's wedding, Ashley's BD & the Family Reunion. Basically what I'm shooting for is some math review....you know, get everyone's brain back in gear & we're going to do this unit study on the 2008 Olympic Games that I DLed from CurrClick. Thought this was perfect for a beginning unit...since the Olympics just finished up & all the kids were really into watching it all this time. Today we just read over some quick facts about China, found Beijing on the globe & then marked it on their maps & then colored an Olympic flag & learned who created it & what the circles & colors mean, etc. After lunch, Ashley & I went out to the library & found some books about China, Ancient Greece, the Olympics, gymnastics & I got the Magic Treehouse book 'Hour of the Olympics' for Alli & Michael. The unit I DLed also came with a 'Pockets of Time' unit to go along with the Magic Treehouse book, so we'll start on that tomorrow.


FatcatPaulanne said...

Doesn't it feel kind of good to be back in the groove?

Amy said...

Yeah, now if I can get my kid's brains back in the groove. Took FOREVER with Jon & math yesterday afternoon. ;-p