Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enjoying the Quiet

This is exactly my favorite time of the day, I think. I'm the only one up, it's so peaceful & quiet. I'm sitting here by the open window with my hot cup of coffee just soaking in the morning sounds. It's not hot yet...in fact the breeze coming through the window is kind of cool. (I told you fall was in the air). I hear the birds, the crickets & the sound of the water filter on the pool........oh so peaceful!

Let's see...all these little life bits that I've been wanting to remember. Sunday afternoon the boys were watching Myth Busters & it was about how a prison inmate made a cross bow out of old newspapers, some home-made paste & the elastic from his underwear. Very interesting. Next thing I know Jon & Michael are totally absorbed in making their own cross bows. Not out of old newspapers, but out of sticks & string & what-not. They spent THE WHOLE rest of the day working on their projects. (I still need to get a picture of them!) Needless to say, they weren't BORED! I tell you I was really impressed!! And Jon's actually works! I mean he sawed, whittled, notched, etc. His trigger is a clothes pin glued to the top of the bow & he even whittled his own arrows to fit. Homeschooling just doesn't get any better than this. ;-)

Jon got up early again yesterday morning to go squirrel hunting with Mason. My little 'Daniel Boone' came home with 7 squirrels all skinned, gutted, washed & ready for the freezer. He already shot 5 the other day when he went. I had told Maw about him going hunting with Mason & she told me how squirrel used to be one of her favorite meals.....fried squirrel with mashed potatoes, biscuits & gravy. So, in turn I told this to Jon & he came home telling me that some of these were for Maw.....he had shot 3 especially for her so she could fix a meal. Now how sweet is that?!

I am so thankful for my computer & being able to keep in touch with my 'Baby' (yeah, yeah, I know...the 19 yr. old one who is away at college......I'm a MOM, ok). ******News flash..........the peace & quiet is now over. The children are awake. Let the squabbling begin!****** As I was saying....at least I'm able to keep in touch & we can chat whenever we want. Those 4 days before classes started were really fun for him, I think. Lots of activities & getting to know his dorm-mates, etc. He's had his first day of classes yesterday starting at 7:40am with American Lit! Today's first class isn't until 11am, I think....so he can sleep in some. I talked to Maw last night & she said he had come by about 5pm & ate supper with her & visited while he did his laundry. Stayed til about 8:30pm. Said she sent him off with a 12 pk. of Mt. Dew & the left-over pizza for a snack! I know she really enjoyed him coming by. I think this set-up will be cool for the both of them. ;-) I'm so blessed to know he's at such a good school & to know that Maw & Sarah are both just right there close-by. Praying that he will have an awesome year!


FatcatPaulanne said...

That is cool about the cross bows! My boys would love that.

mommysews said...

ingenious what they will think of. Enjoy the quiet while you can

lpwcubby said...

I feel your pain during these letting go years - I remember all to well.

If fact, we let go again on 9/5.

What will the Mayor and I do then???

Sherri said...

I love it when my kids get creative like that. I remember once when we went to an old Indian reservation spot for a field trip. When we got home, the kids spent the rest of the day making their own spears and pretending to live like the Indians. Another time, we read all about making clay pots and other clay figures. For the rest of that day, the kids found mud that resembled clay..may have even been some sort of clay, and made all sorts of figures. I just loved it!
You reminded me so much of my twin sister when you were talking about your son in college. Her 18 year old son is working on the pipeline with our Dad for now and will soon start college. She is so thankful for computer and texting to keep in touch with him. It has been so hard not being a part of his every day life. It makes me want to soak up every bit of time I have with my three while they are still home. It was just really neat to hear someone in the same boat as my sister...your words could have come from her!!

FlippyHolz said...

One of my best friends here just sent her first born off to college Tuesday. Needless to say yesterday was a little weepy for her - so I know (at least vicariously) what you're going through!! I'm glad he's got Aunt Kas nearby!