Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Challenge

This coming week is my turn again to post the challenge over at ASF.....check it out.

Statistics- a collection of quantitative data.

This challenge is all about numbers! Think for a minute of all the numbers we keep track of: our kid's height/weight, our own weight (HA!), gas prices, grocery prices, car mileage, kid's clothing/shoe sizes, etc.You might find this a good time to compare something. Then/Now, Before/ much a baby weighed when born & how much he weighs now. Or if you're like me...with a BUNCH of a LO about how much each child weighed at birth (cool to see the similarities/differences). If you're doing Weight Watcher's(or any kind of diet) a before/after LO. How old were you parents when they first had kids/how old were YOU when your first child was born. Compare prices of everyday items (gas, milk, a home) now & the year you were born.

Maybe you just want to document the 'stuff' in your life. How about the cost of school supplies this fall- with an itemized list. Maybe your grocery bill for the week. How many song files in your digital library. How many photos do you take each month. How many minutes do you use on your cell phone in a month. How many miles you drive each day. How many DVDs in your collection. (Jo )You get the idea. Think of the numbers in your life & let your creativity flow..................Have fun!

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