Friday, April 08, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Went to town by myself there was plenty of time to leisurely poke around Good Will. I have a little list of things that I've been on the look-out for. One was some sort of hooks or hangy device to go on my bedroom door so I could organize my purses. Another thing in particular is Ashley wants a nice sized square/rectangular basket to store all her magazines in. And as of last night.....I needed a new bread basket. The one I had been using was just too far past sad & so I tossed it. Well.....I found some awesome glassware today. Not exactly anything that was on my 'list'.....but some cool deals nontheless.My favorite is this milk glass dish I found. I knew right off that I wanted it for my fruit bowl. And in turn....the little basket the used to be for fruit, can now be my bread basket. ;-) Isn't it awesome......& only $2.75! This was my second favorite find of the day. This pretty green Anchor Hocking 2qt. casserole dish.......for $1.95! WooHoo!!

And just another simple Pyrex dish for $1.95. My only other Good Will find was a cool red Liberty Kid's Club T that I picked up for my nephew, Daniel. Remember back on our anniversary when I told y'all how Clay & I tried our darndest to catch him a Tshirt at the basketball game. I was tickled to death when I found this one in a size small. And the bonus is that it has 'Chickfila' across the back of it........they all love eating at Chickfila so that was extra-sweet!

***************** that I've shared my Good Will finds today........tell me about your latest Good Will/Thrift Store finds. I love hearing about a good deal! Now I just need to get Sarah set up with a blog of her own so she can share all her DEALS!

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