Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Scrapped!

I have been on a roll with my crocheting here recently & just hadn't been in the scrappy least not until this past week. I actually got TWO layouts done today. It was a lovely rainy day.....couldn't do anything outside, so guessed it........I stuck in season 7 of NCIS & scrapped this afternoon.As you can see.....I still haven't quite finished scrapping Christmas pics. I've done everything now except Christmas evening at Maw's house. This one above.....I just love! Don't they all look so happy! That was taken at our Homeschool Christmas party at Maw's house. My DUMB scanner.......yep, I get so mad at it sometimes!! It will cut off a side or a bottom or whatever. Doesn't matter that all my pages are the same size. I just get tired of fiddling & re-scanning so.........the above LO is centered in real life....use your imagination. That was just the random snapshots you get on Christmas morning while everyone is opening gifts. They don't always turn out great, but's the memories that count, right?! scanner cut off that left-hand side. Sigh! This was our big family Christmas dinner held at Mari's house this year. The night after Christmas. Love that picture of Uncle Johnny & Dale!

A little more recent here......the day Rocky got to take his cone off!

Snapshots from around our yard last month when everything was first starting to bud.

And yet again.....another LO with the top edge totally cut off. The brown paper is scalloped all the way around & mounted on white card stock. Just a quick picture that I took one day to show Ashley C. how big her little 'Peachey-Man' was getting. He still needs a good home. Hint!Hint!

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