Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pics from yesterday

Was fixing my lunch yesterday & just thought it looked so pretty on my stripey plate.....& you know how I'm always forgetting to take pics of my I figured, why not? Turkey, ham & spinach wrap with honey mustard dipping sauce, apple slices & the last hard-boiled Easter egg.After lunch I decided to go outside & take a few pictures. Our Spirea bush off the front porch had just exploded in bloom the day before & I thought it was SO pretty!

Our freshly plowed & planted garden......

I tried getting some good shots of our new little orchard too.....but it just didn't show up here as good as in real life. Oh well, you get the idea.

I think we have eight new apple & peach trees out there.

Ashely's raspberries

Our strawberry to the side of the garden....beside the raspberries.

Working on the 'edge-of-the-edge' of my Granny Stripe now.......I'm in the home stretch.

Was able to grill our supper last night before the storm came up. AND I remembered to snap a picture.....aren't you proud? LOL

We had yummy BBQed wings, onion rings & steamed broccoli.

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