Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jon's 16th Birthday--Part 1

First of all, I just had to share Ashley's latest crochet project. She had wanted to make a crocheted necklace for herself so she googled & liked the first pattern she came upon. She crocheted the four strands of slightly different lengths, with a crocheted button closure on the back. The photo that went with the pattern showed the flower, but had no pattern for I whipped up a little flower for her using one of Lucy's trusty tutorials. I just love how it turned out. She did an excellent job!


So, after a crazy morning here.....we lost our power this morning for a little over an hour. Just great on a Sunday morning when everyone is trying to get ready to go to church. It came back on, but not in time for us all to get we enjoyed a leisurely morning & then headed on to Lynchburg for our second Sunday in a row of partying at Maw's house. This week we were celebrating Jon's 16th birthday (which is tomorrow). I know this one's blurry....but had to include it......We were all singing 'Happy Birthday'.....& Michael was singing LOUD & off-key & Jon was doing a little birthday dance. It was so funny!

No comment.......that is NOT my child 'smoking' a fat candle.
And my favorite shot of the day!! Melt a mama's heart!!


Sandee said...

Happy BD, Jon!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Amy ..OMG I'm loving that necklace...would you share the pattern???