Friday, April 01, 2011

A Good Day

It started off with us meeting Maw for brunch at Subway. We had yummy egg muffin & a really nice visit! So thankful for times like that! After brunch, the girls & I headed to Target, ACM, Michaels & Sams before picking Chris up at 1:30pm. He's still without a car for the time being & needed to get to an interview over in Wyndhurst for a summer internship with Daniel Henderson & Strategic Renewal. I'm excited to say that the interview went very well & the internship is his if he wants it!! PTL....God is so good! In other news..... he is working the concert tonight for CFAW (College-for-a-weekend) featuring 'Downhere' & 'Rush of Fools'. What a clever way to get to see a concert. ;-) Not to mention, it counts as a christian service for him too.


After dropping Chris back off at his dorm, we went to the mall for a bit & finally back to Walmart for groceries. We got home a little later than usual, but not too bad really considering all we had to do today. God blessed us with a really good day.....was able to get a visit in with Maw, get Chris to his interview on time, do MY errands & still let the girls do the shopping they wanted to do. And on top of all that........came home to find Clay & the boys grilling steaks & shrimp for supper. Wow!! Drinking a nice cup of tea now & then I think I'll head on up to read for a bit before bedtime. The boys will be up & out early in the's Youth Hunt Day before turkey season actually opens. This will be Jon's last year to participate in that. You can only do it up to the age of 16. He just eeked by this year.

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