Monday, April 11, 2011

Jon's 16th BD- part 2

Here's the card I made for Jon...used some OLD scraps of 'Rock N Roll' paper & borrowed Ashely's stamps for all the other goodness. Birthday gifts this morning.....

Jon's 16 year old morning look.... Cinnamon buns are a birthday breakfast tradition around here
Aunt Linda made this awesome birthday cake for Jon. She really out-did herself this time! She said she wanted to make it extra-special since it was his 16th BD.

One of Jon's BD requests was for a new wallet. He also teasingly said he wanted Alli to be in all his pictures with him today & of course she ran away squealing. I didn't realize til tonight that she was there after all.......peeking from behind the back door.

Check out the cool Grover shirt.....better hide that one from Uncle Johnny! LOL

Birthday supper consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans, steamed broccoli & biscuits........Jon's request. Then, after supper we lit the candles & sang Happy Birthday......again!
Love that I caught Michael showing off his true colors........such a goof!


I worked on my Granny Stripe some this afternoon & then decided it was time to take it upstairs & lay it out on my bed & see just how much more I had left to do.

I think I'm getting pretty darn close to being done......three maybe four more stripes & then I can start work on the edging.


Sandee said...

I think you should keep right on celebrating Jon's 16th year... make it his birthday month!
Your afghan is beautiful. Wow!

Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to Jon! Looks like he had fun! :-)