Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday's Adventures

First of all, Clay & the boys headed off to Smith Mt. Lake for another day of Crappie fishing. They decided that since it was grocery day for the girls & I that they would just take Rocky with them instead of leaving him home alone all day long. Of course we (us girls....girls are good at worrying, right?) were worried about him being on the boat & what if he fell in or got sunburned or got snagged with a fish hook....... Anyway, we were at Chickfila having brunch with everyone & Clay called just to tell me that everything was going fine.....Rocky was being so good.....and totally enjoying himself........and 'OMG, HE JUST JUMPED IN THE LAKE!!'......and his phone died. Everyone at the table was freaking out while I tried calling him back. Seems that they were just trolling along & Rocky was leaning near the edge watching the lapping water & just up & jumped right in. He swam out a tad & then came back. Jon had their big fish net ready to scoop him up. He was fine & dandy though.......just a little chilly after his dip. But evidentally that cured his curiosity because he didn't pull that stunt again all the rest of the day. Clay snapped this pic with his cell phone while they were zipping down the lake! Looks like he's totally having a blast!!**********************

So, like I said....while the boys were off fishing, the girls & I had our usual Friday Doings to do......brunch with evryone (Maw, Sarah, Ella & most all our kids), errands, groceries, etc. Plus today we had all been invited to Ashley Cates' senior group recital after lunch. Wow.....what an amazing time! These kids are so talented......and the love of Jesus just shines through as they sing/perform/worship.

Ashley Cates

Chris' room-mate, Matt Hurst


I tell ya, I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness as I watched this performance yesterday. If you could've just been there to see these kids' just experience the 'feeling' in that watch them as they performed.......and I watched the faces of others around the room that were just there observing/supporting, like us.....& everyone......I mean everyone was praising & singing along. I was so thankful that Chris has been able to be a part of this these last three thankful for the awesome room-mates & friends that he's made.....and so thankful to think that Ashley is going to have this same opportunity come this was almost more than this 'Mama's Heart' could stand yesterday. God is SO good!!


Suzanne said...

That first photo! I see knees and a chest and then a dogs face with hair blowing in the wind. Sorta looks like you photoshopped it that way. LOL Nice pics to scrap. :-)

Sandee said...

Why in the world would y'all worry so much? Isn't the first swimming stroke you ever learned the "Dog Paddle"?!!!