Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Will finds

Just now getting around to snapping a few pics of our Friday Good Will finds.Ashley found this adorable little sweater top for $3. Alli also had a cute little Old Navy cotton sweater but realized it had two holes in it, so we left that one. I'm teaching them how to REALLY look things over & check them out before just buying. Gotta check things like zippers & what-not. Buttons can always be replaced & a pulled seam can be fixed, but a HOLE is another story. Anyway......those were some of our Homeschool lessons for that day. ;-) Thrifting 101!

I found these little corning ware dishes for .45 each. Just the perfect size to heat something up in!
Panda & Peaches just HAD to get in the shot. It's like they were wondering where in the world is the food that should be in these nice little dishes! LOL


I also found 3 paperback books.....well actually was for Ashley. I always go for the paperback ones because they are only .75 as opposed to $1 for hardback ones. Cheapo, I know! Ashley got 'The Two Towers' to go with her LOTR collection. And I got A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston, A Man of His Word & An Honest Love both by Kathleen Fuller.


Fatcat said...

Your Goodwill seems cheaper than mine. Hmmm. Maybe I should visit you and we could go shopping. :-)

Sandee said...

I love the Goody! We are planning our 3rd Annual Thrifty Fashion Show and Tea in May. Kids are purchasing their outfits at the thrift stores. It is so much fun! Shoot a mile, I'd be wandering around in my birthday-suit if it weren't for 2nd hand stores.