Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sweet Family Time

Today was the guys' first fishing trip of the season. They were up & out EARLY this morning heading to Smith Mt. Lake. Ashley had a dentist appointment at 10:30am & since we were already out & about......AND since the guys were gone....we decided that we'd just have us a Girly Day by joining Maw, Faye, Rachel & Linda as we celebrated Aunt Linda's birthday. We all met & had lunch together at Vitos. A really nice afternoon. What a blessing to live close enough to our extended family memebers that we can get together like that & enjoy each other's company. And how thankful I am that my hubby enjoys taking his boys off for a day of fishing & time spent together......Man to man!Since the boys got up & left at 'zero-dark-thirty' this morning.....Michael took Rocky out to potty & then put him in his kennel downstairs to sleep until us girls got up. I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when Alli told me to come see Charlie. And this is where I found him.......sitting pretty as you please in Rocky's kennel. LOL! Look at those demon eyes! I told you the other night that I didn't know if I'd take pictures of my supper each night....for the simple fact that I wasn't sure I'd remember.......LOL! Like last night, for example. We had the nicest supper & it would've made for some pretty pictures.....but I plumb forgot until I had started eating. We had BBQ chicken on the grill, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli & baked beans. I did remember tonight though. We just went simple.....since we had eaten out for lunch & with the guys not here. The girls just wanted breakfast....and Ashley wanted to make buttermilk there ya have it... scrambled eggs, home-made buttermilk biscuits & apple butter with grapes on the side. Or as Ashley so aptly said.....'Apes & Greggs'. It was SO funny.....came right out of her mouth just as slick as anything. Reminded me of the time that Maw saw my cat Tommy coming down across the yard with a snake in his mouth & she said, 'Here comes Tom with a SNAKE OF A TAIL in his mouth!'

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Fatcat said...

I like your scrapbooky new blog theme! The cat picture is really cool, love the eyes. :-)