Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Don't you just love it when you get some unexpected 'Happy' in the mail & it just makes your day? Well, that's what happened to me yesterday. Several weeks ago, Ashley Cates had told me that she was listening to the radio on Sunday afternoon (Spirit FM) & that she heard my name mentioned. That was it, though.....she didn't catch what it was all about & of course, neither did I. I had totally forgotten about that until this little package came in the mail yesterday......This awesome WOW Hits 2011!! With 30 amazing songs on 2 cds! Talk about a nice little 'Happy' on a Tuesday afternoon!


This past Sunday we all gathered at Maw's house for lunch & just to hang out for the afternoon. Ella & her kids were there....along with Sarah & her kids (David was out flying).....and all my kids along with Ashley C. Just a fun afternoon of grilling out & enjoying the beautiful spring weather. While we were there Maw brought out this box.......I tell ya, they were pack rats.....they kept EVERYTHING! This was the little ride-on/push/learn-to-walk police car that she & Pop got Chris for Christmas when he was 10 months old. It's been up in the attic all these years. And it still even has the price sticker on it. They paid $19.95 for it. ;-)

This is just a bit of randomness here.......I have been watching as two of my cousins post pictures of their suppers each night on facebook. It really is cool to see the pretty displays of food & also to share recipes & file away some new ideas for my own suppers.

Not sure if this is something I might do each night or maybe just here & there as I think about it, but anyway.....this was last night's supper. Spaghetti made with ground deer meat, salad & garlic bread.


Found these cool pics on my camera last night when I came in here to put mine on the computer. Alli had been playing with my camera & she took this gorgeous picture of a tulip that she has sitting on her window sill.
And then, this one.......I do believe she might be following in her older siblings' footsteps as far as the photography goes. What do you think? Isn't that a great shot.....awesome angle & everything!!

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Suzanne said...

What goes around, comes around! So happy that someone made your day like someone made mine last week! :-) Hey, you know what's great about kiddos taking awesome pics? You can just steal theirs to scrap! LOL