Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

'He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.' ~~ Matt. 18:6We had an awesome church service this morning & then we all gathered at Maw's house for Easter lunch. Sarah & her family didn't get there til a little later, so that's why I only have pics here of my girls & Ella's girls. Wanted to get everyone in their pretty dresses, but Taylor was just too fast in changing for me.

Maw's flowers make such a pretty background for our pictures!

My ever-goofy Jon wearing Jesse's shorts on his head. We all laughed & said it looked like some prfessor in his fancy graduation cap.....complete with tassle too.

Daniel & Jesse were really into watching Chris play his video game. Don't you just love the expression on Jesse's face?!

Ashley made the yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting & toasted coconut topping. And Alli painted that cute little bunny rabbit to sit on Maw's table.

Today just so happened to be Jesse's 7th birthday, so we added 7 candles & everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.

Daniel is still keeping a close eye on Chris.

Dillon & Jon

After lunch & birthday cake, the girls moved into the living room to make friendship bracelets. Anna's Grammy had given her a cool book with directions on how to make them & we supplied the floss. I cleaned out my closet the other week & found a bunch of my old cross-stitch stuff. I had NO idea how much of a floss stash I had. This was just ONE Gallon ziploc bag full. I still have a whole other gallon bag full that I didn't take. This kept them all busy for a good while.

They're 'just a swingin'.......

Again, Jon being his goofy self wanted me to take his picture with Ella

Then he wanted Ella to take one of me & him.......

I think they turned out so cute. I can NOT wait to scrap these!!!

By the way......notice Jon's 'Tie Shirt'........he said he was going to 'dress up' today......hence the tie. LOL!! And on closer examination you see the '71' on the's a Liberty University T & it has the small 71 on the front & a big 71 with Falwell across the back......commemorating the year the college started. Sarah was having a fit wanting to know where we got it because she wanted one like it.........the BEST came from the $ bin at Good Will!

Jon just HAD to pop his face right in the middle here too. He's so funny. Gotta love him!

So cute of Cori & Jesse.......he just was being a goof with me (just like Jon) & squinched his eyes shut right when I snapped.

Another sweet one.........these two love each other SO much! What a fun day we had. Think I'm going to go watch 'Phantom of the Opera' with Ashley for a while now & then head on up to bed.

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Fatcat said...

Such good pictures. The cake looks yummy and everyone looks like they're having such a great time!

My daughter would be very jealous of all that embroidery floss! She's just really getting into stitching lately.