Friday, April 08, 2011

What a Praise!

I have a super fantastic awesome God story to share with y'all! First of all I have to back up a bit.......I posted last week about Chris interviewing with Daniel Henderson & Strategic Renewal for his summer internship. That was a praise right there! Fast forward a few days & we're talking financial stuff. His FAFSA & all carried over from the semester through the summer just like last year when he took summer classes. BUT, the pell grant only works if you take at least 6 credit hours & his summer internship was only going to be 3 credit hours. So.....we were left with $800 to come up with real quick & not positive about payment plans, etc. So, I did what I usually do.......emailed Maw & asked the 'Praying Grannies' to pray......specifically for the need of $800. God did say, 'You have not, because you ask not', right?! And He has promised to supply all our needs. As things unfolded....Maw wrote me back saying that all the grannies were praying & one friend in particular asked specifics about Chris & asked if she could make a few phone calls on our behalf. That was Wednesday morning.......right before supper Wed. evening I stopped real quick to check my emails & this is the message I had from Chris.......(make sure you're sitting down!!)


'Hey, just wanted to let you know what happened today. I was in class & my phone kept going off with some Liberty number, so I finally was able to step out & aswer it the third time. She said she was calling on behalf of somebody named Larry, didn't recognize the name, & that they had heard I was having problems with getting up the money for the internship.

She had me give her the name of the class the internship is and said she would register

me & they would take care of the money, that I didn't have to worry about it.

So yeah, apparently that's all taken care of & the only thing I have to do is talk with one of the heads of the department to get the internship approved & then take the paperwork to Mr. Henderson to sign.'


All I could say when I read that was.....WOW!!! I mean I was totally in awe, humbled beyond measure. I knew God would answer, but this was just like WOW!!

God is SO good!


Mary said...

Amen to that AMY!! God is SO good!

New Every Morning said...

Doing the happy dance with you!!!!

Patti said...

How blesses we are to see the hand of God work in our lives. Enjoy the blessings and keep sharing them with us! Love it!