Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Field Trip

Ashley & I went on a 'field trip' today. We met Maw, Sarah, Anna & Daniel at Good Will in Madison Heights. We found a couple of little custard-sized bowls.....two Third Day cds.....& a couple of books. (I'll get some pics of our finds to post later.) From there we stopped at Anderson' Country Store.....we call it the Amish Store. They sell all kinds of fresh produce/flowers/plants & all kinds of seasonings/spices, etc. AND they have a cool Amish buggy that sits out front. ;-)After that, we headed on back to Amherst to go to our favorite little antique-y stores there.

And just around the corner is the other antique shop......Lou's Antique's. Check out this cool old Doctor's examination chair. Reminded me of the Johnny Depp movie......Sweeney Todd!

Daniel liked this cool chicken out front & wanted me to take his picture with it! Is that just not the cutest little face?!

After all our shopping, everyone was hot & thirsty & ready for a treat at McDonal's. A nice ending to a really nice afternoon. I love outing like this. They really don't cost much at all & it's so cool to spend time with family. Came home & had a supper of fresh Crappie that the boys had caught. Fried & blackened. Yum! Now, everyone is outside tilling & getting some taters planted. Also, Michael & Clay are planting our fruit trees in our newly mowed 'orchard'. It's so pretty out there.....especially in the evening like this. LOVE this time of year!!

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Mary said...

Amy...sounds like y'all had a wonderful day! Sweet pics to scrap. :)