Saturday, April 02, 2011

PMS & Spring Cleaning!

All I have to say is that folks better watch out.......cuz PMS & Spring that really a good combination? LOL! I tell ya, I feel like if it ain't nailed down....I'm throwing it out! I've got the big black garbage bags & my shovel........y'all have been fore-warned! On a happier note......look at my 'Lucy' socks that I found yesterday at Forever 21.

I saw them & immediately fell in love. I just had to have some.....& at .95/pair.....who could resist? I got this pink/purple/yellow pair & another that is mainly red/blue/yellow stripes. Rocky just had to check out my 'Happy Feet.'


It has been SO windy here today. So windy that we even lost our power for a few hours this morning. With no TV or computer competing for my time, I was able to sit down & finish my little patriotic bunting that I started on the other day. I'm going to hang this in my kitchen window later on this summer when I take my spring flower bunting down. I wanted to take my pics outside where the light was better.....and since Clay had pulled the last of my sad, dry-rotted clothes line down....I decided I could pin it up to our grape vine trellis. See.....I told you it was W.I.N.D.Y today!! But anyway, you get the idea. I was just excited that I had finished & wanted to show it off. **Edited here to give credit to Bunny was her tutorial I used for my bunting. I just did the small version as mine are going to hang in my kitchen window. I might make some larger ones later.

And since I was outside with my camera.......I thought I'd snap a few flower pics from around the yard. Just a little Springy goodness to brighten your day!


Sandee said...

Your socks are wonderful! They made me smile the minute I saw them!

Mary said...

Ohhh those socks are first I thought you had knitted them. Love the bunting, it's perfect for the 4th!

Sara said...

Hi Amy. PMS & spring cleaning. I'm definitely feeling it. My hubby is a keeper and I am a throw-awayer. Some of this has to go ASAP! Thanks for your nice comment at Tangled Happy. I have made lots of those little hair clips. My girls love them! Happy crocheting. :)

Suzanne said...

Yikes, are ya NUTS! PMS and spring cleaning do NOT go together! LOL Love the socks, and the pics of the flowers are gorgeous!